Go Green

Green isn’t just our color, it’s our mission.


Any mobile company that travels to its clients is inherently greener than a brick-and-mortar. This is how it works for us:

On an average day, one stylist will perform services at 6 different locations, often times with multiple clients at each spot. That means instead of 7 or more cars on the road, there’s only one!


Traffic in the Denver metro area has gotten worse by the year, and our air quality with it. Even without wildfires, pollution from cars adds to the smog, sometimes resulting in ozone warnings (you’ve probably seen them on the highway!)

By choosing to book with us, you’re saving gas, time, and the very air we breathe.

The next step

We are proud to be partnering with Matter of Trust, an organization that takes human hair, fleece, dryer lint, etc and processes it into mats that are used to clean up oils and other contaminates in the ocean, lakes, streams, and even before it gets into storm drains.

Stay tuned for more information and to read more about Matter of Trust, you can check out their website.